Here is the question of years and a great topic to bring up to a more understandable level. Copper darbukas and aluminium ones have been played for many years and still people would rather go hearing from a second mouth about which one to choose. It is actually only about you. In this blog, I will try to help you get the main idea about this comparison.

            Copper is considered as a precious metal and used in numerous industries and it does its work and makes its users happy mostly. When it comes to music and musical instruments, copper is still a great object representing warmness, sincerity and richness. As for aluminium, it is lighter compared to copper and cheaper material. These two great metal kinds may have little unique effects on the instrument but I do not think it is as much as to be discussed about. The point is copper is a more precious metal which means your copper darbuka is more precious compared to aluminium one in general. Additionally, copper darbukas have always been heavier compared to same sized aluminium darbukas. As mentioned above, musicality and tones play a minor role on a comparison between these two kinds. On the contrary, there are other elements making difference such as the number is screws on a darbuka, size of skin and shell, kind of skin.

            To sum up with, both aluminium and copper darbukas might be supper quality if they are crafted nicely. You can only have a more valuable darbuka if you have it made from copper. As I mentioned above, there are some other key situations affecting the sound. I hope this article helps you decide easier now on.

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