Do you feel bored when you can’t find the exact percussion product you are looking for in your country? If even you can find, the price is too much to afford? Then, still have chance to deal with it. Today’s world really makes lots of impossible things of the past possible today with some little actions. In this article, we will explain how to order instruments overseas, especially from Agean Music located in istanbul.

            Nowadays it has become very popular ordering anything online and the same is valid for musical instruments as well. As you may know, Turkey is considered as the cymbal heaven to many drummers and cymbal prices in Turkey are pretty average compared to other countries. This is just like how it is so affordable Apple products are in the Usa. As Agean Music, we are offering a great service for you to feel safe and comfortable with your orders from Agean Music. Once your order appears in our screen, we immediately make it ready for shipment. It takes 2 work days for you to get your order for Europe. It takes three work days if you live in the Usa. As you may realize, the arrival time is not long even might be less than any domestic shipment. Only thing that you should know about is the custom exemptions of your country. This will help you not get surprised upon delivery. You may be charged custom fees which completely depends on your country’s inner trade issue. However, the custom exemption for a buyer living in the Usa is 0$ for any order valued less than 800$. This is really a great advantage for our possible buyers from the Usa since 95% of our products at Agean Music are under 800$

            In conclusion, no reason not to order overseas and get any product in a very short time by benefitting from the affordable prices. As Agean Music, we ensure you that we will do our best to make all our customers happy before and after the order. Here is a chance for you to order any Agean percussion products with great opportunities. Enjoy playing!

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