Drums have always been great instruments for making music for many decades but there is an instrument within drum kit which makes drums more valuable. CYMBALS! These instruments have been in our lives for hundreds of years and within many years, there have been developed quite many cymbal kinds made from numerous materials such as brass, copper, steel, malleable bronze, nickel bronze and etc.  In this article, I will focus on the characteristics of handcrafted cymbals and why these cymbals are loved by the majority of drummers all around the world.

Firstly, as most of you would agree, the most precious and appreciated alloy amongst the one mentioned above is bronze material with the right ratio of tin and copper, which is called as secret method or traditional alloy that is known by only some cymbal producers in Turkey. To give you the main idea and the importance of this special composition; according to real talks done by people in cymbal factories of Turkey, only few people in the cymbal factories knows how to make the traditional allow. Only permitted people mostly one or two people can get into the room where the special composition / traditional alloy is prepared. No one is allowed to get into the room during this mysterious process. This has been the same for many years and still is. So, you may be a great cymbal hammering smith or be a great smith at lathing but still you aren’t allowed to learn how to make traditional alloy; the ratio of copper and tin and other elements in the pot. So, the first key was to be aware of the knowledge on how to prepare the traditional alloy.  

The second key factor for obtaining the best quality cymbals is to be able to make hand crafted cymbals. İn a better saying, it should be hand hammered. The reason is simply clear. Every hammer stroke brings something of its own and each help cymbal be unique because hammering smiths cannot implement the same power in every beat but the smart hammering machines do it exactly the same. So, think about 1000 pieces of a 20” ride which is hammered by a smart hammering machine as it is done in many companies in Europe and Usa, which will sound all the same while every single hand hammered cymbal sounds different and unique and no two would never sound the same. It can only sound similar but never the same.

All in all, main factors making hand crafted cymbals so unique were like this. So, if you are looking for cymbals sounding unique, feel yourself privileged, and your cymbal and sound be unique, you should go for hand crafted cymbals. We are selling Agean as it fits our unique cymbal prescription in the article. Agean uses the oldest methods of cymbal making and that is the reason we love Agean and selling it.

Be an Ageaner and be a happy drummer!

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